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The Connection Curve:


Participant Information and Consent Form

The Connection Curve:


Participant Information and Consent Form

Thanks for submitting!

Terms and Conditions

By filing out the form above you are committing to be a participant in The Connection Curve project.

As a participant you consent and agree that:

  • You will make yourself available for a video call or suitable alternative arranged in advance with the artist. These video call recordings are taken in order for the artist, Robyn Frances to collect your story and source images for your portrait.

  •  The visual, aural and text information  (Agreement Material) you provide to Robyn Frances for this project will be used by Robyn Frances to manage the project, communicate with you,  and to create a portrait of you with a short edited quote attached to share publicly on social media and the artist's website (See examples of the portraits and text on the Gallery page)

  • The portrait of you as drawn by Robyn Frances and your story as edited by Robyn Frances are pre-approved by you prior to their completion. They will not be redrawn or rewritten, however you will receive a digital copy of the completed portrait and quote prior to it being shared publicly. You have the option of withdrawing from the project within 1 week of receiving the digital image, before the artwork is made public. Please note, that if you chose to do this you cannot re-enter the project at any point.

  • The completed portrait to the value of AUD $78.86 + postage will be sent to you by mail at no cost. However, Robyn Frances will not be responsible if the postal information is incorrect or out of date, any loss or damages occur to the work in transit, or any loss or damages occur to the work thereafter.

  •  Robyn Frances retains copyright of the artwork and digital copies of the artwork as well as other materials produced by Robyn Frances for this project. If you would like to share low resolution digital images of your portrait once completed you are welcome to do so but please credit Robyn Frances as the artist. Should you wish to arrange for reproductions of your portrait you will need to arrange this with Robyn Frances and pay the associated costs.

  • That the visual, aural and text information (Agreement Material) you provide to Robyn Frances for this project will be stored by Robyn Frances in a private data storage account for up to 5 years for record keeping purposes. Should the artist or a third party wish to use the Agreement Material for any purposes other than those recorded in these terms and conditions a new agreement will need to be made with the participants.

  • You give permission for the high quality 600dpi scanned copy of your portrait and quote to be retained and used by Robyn Frances for future reproduction. This may be as single portrait reprints, a publication and/or exhibition, and that these may be sold to the public with no royalties available for project participants.

  • You understand that  the portrait of you and your edited quote and other project materials may be provided to Arts NT to use by the Northern Territory Government in marketing and promotional material.

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