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Project Overview

131 portraits.

12 months.

The Connection Curve is a drawing project that started in July 2020.


Catalysed by the global COVID19 pandemic this project will highlight the people of the NT and their stories, documenting their personal and shared experiences of change, adaptation and resilience. This growing community archive of images and stories is in response not only to COVID19 but to experiences of change and its impacts in the past, the present and into the future.


As the project artist, I will be making 1 self-portrait and 130 community portraits within 12 months. This will mostly be done at distance, via a video call or by pre-recorded video, in keeping with spatial distancing measures. I will use these conversations or recordings in order make drawings from the video stills and capture a short quote about participant's experiences.

Each completed drawing will be posted to the participant. These free mini-exhibitions delivered to their door will be an intimate and accessible gift of reciprocity.

The portraits will also be exhibited here on my website and on the project Facebook and Instagram page @theconnectioncurve. In August 2021 the completed project will be exhibited at UNTiTLED Studio and Gallery at Darwin Community Arts in Coconut Grove, Darwin.

When a portrait is completed, the participant is asked to extend project invites to anyone they want from their NT social networks. As the project continues, this growing involvement will highlight community connectedness in the Northern Territory and our stories of resilience and adaptation at this time of increased separation.

For further information about the project see the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms + Conditions.


Anyone from the NT can participate. Please please fill in the form here to get started.

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